The  Walking  Man  Project
“...and as if you needed another reason... it’s just pure continuous fun!”
~ a reason to get out and get moving forward!

“The Walking Man Project” is a community art exhibition engaging citizens in a collaborative treasure hunt for the arts!  Traveling from town to town, Walking Man stimulates the economy as well as personal creativity! 

The “Walking Man Tour” takes visitors and residents on an adventure to participating business locations and highlighted attractions around your town. 

With cash prizes, gift certificates, and a street festival with plenty of press coverage, Walking Man becomes a reason to get out and get moving forward! 

statement of purpose
“Walking Man is a win, win, win for everyone involved...businesses, artists, and the community alike! ...Making WHEN the only question left to ask!”  -Levi Rinker, Walking Man Founder

Photograph by John P. Cleary

Courtesy of Anderson Herald Bulletin

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